Celeste TV

Sometimes--who am I kidding(!)--on many days, I find myself feeling too lazy or busy to exercise, do yoga or meditate.  Sound familiar?  Yet, I always feel better after I do.  (When the habit gets familiar.)

Allow me to greet you at the Threshold of Resistance and bring you into those back exercises you need to do; the core work you always promised yourself you’d get to and kept (absent mindedly) forgetting.  I’ll raise the bar with you and provide real live videos and audio recordings that get you doing The Deed.

Celeste TV will include topics (now and in the future) that we need today: 

  • Exercises for your low back
  • Core work
  • Stretches after your walk
  • Breathing to calm your mind
  • Anxiety busters
  • Fatigue fixes; (so called) mental, physical and emotional
  • How to be true to yourself in ever so many ways until you become your own source of inspiration. (Then people start asking you questions

Please send me any topics you wish me to cover by sending me your comments below.

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