COVID-19 Update: February 28, 2022

The Yoga House is Open! We’re back in the studio.

We are ready to invite you back into the studio ripe with an enthusiasm to see your sweet (masked) faces again.

What can I expect when arriving at the studio?

Please enter wearing your mask (I have extra if you rushed).

  • You will be screened (with friendliness) upon entry for COVID-19
  • You will be warmly welcomed.

Health screening occurs when you come in the door, as I will ask the five key questions that let me know you feel good and can share time with others.

Once you arrive on your mat, you have the option to take your mask off, as we will be well spaced.

Some classes are also Live Streaming and you can join them online at:

Meeting ID: 523 757 017
Passcode: love

Livestream Tips

  • If you choose to join by live stream, give yourself a bit of time before the class to get your computer or mobile device setup with Zoom to ensure you get in the class on time.
  • Please make sure that your microphone is muted and video is off upon entering.
  • Select and pin Celeste’s video for large screen viewing.

What do I need to know to book a spot?

  • Go to the “Yoga” tab to choose your class. You can either pay for a Monthly Pass or Membership (best deal with Unlimited Classes)
  • Once you are booked, you simply Come On Over to Class!
    If you booked a Membership, that means you have access to any class. Yes, anyone at all. Now, as you now know, the classes are small (max 9 people) and that means you will need to Book ahead of time by sending an email to Celeste at to save your mat spot.
    Alternatively you can call/text Celeste at 416.690.8966.

    Many will book for the month or week when they know their schedule and just call Celeste when they need to change a date.
  • The Yoga House can accommodate 9 students.

Do you offer Drop-in Classes?

Well, no....yet, if you really need to do a drop-in, as you really need to come so very much, then simply email Celeste and she can let you know if there is a spot in the class you wish to attend.

Please see the Class Schedule. As the studio is small, the mat spots are booked and we need to know our numbers ahead of time.