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The Yoga House Story

The Yoga House Toronto


The Yoga House is a boutique studio offering small classes in Yoga, Rehabilitation, Personal Training, and Meditation.  

The Yoga Studio, The Yoga House, began in 1999 in my tiny semi in the east end of Toronto.  I wanted to provide an intimate space to work closely with students to help them learn how to practice yoga.  Nine years later, I bought a property on a ravine conservation area (Merrill Street Bridge Park, Small's Creek) with the wish to build a studio in nature.  Now, The Yoga House looks over this beautiful ravine valley.

The community ranges from beginner yogis to advanced practitioners of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Classes are small (no more than 14 peeps) and I know everyone's health history and background. With the thorough screening I do for my participants, I can help those with anxiety, back pain, and prescribe asanas to alleviate inflammation and menopausal symptoms. Just to name a few!


Hands-on adjustments, personal care and attention provide a welcoming atmosphere, making it a favourite for beginners, and aspiring, advanced yogis.  Each student experiences the education, instruction and advice to deepen, begin or stay with yoga. 


The Yoga House offers:

  • Personal Training in yoga and exercise
  • Small yoga and exercise classes
  • Yoga for PTSD and anxiety
  • Day retreats
  • On-line and phone support
  • Thai Massage; 
  • Kinesiology Services (Please see “Kinesiology Page”)
  • Specialized Workshops

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I would love for you to come by for a visit, or visit me here at https://www.celesteinspires.com/ .  I am here to welcome you to yoga and all that you can learn about your body.

Celeste Shirley

Owner The Yoga House