Workshops & Retreats


2021 Day Retreat / Urban Retreat at The Yoga House

Sunday October 10, 10 – 5 pm

Relax and unwind with a day dedicated to connecting to nature without leaving the city.  The Yoga House offers an oasis to come to feel alive in your body. The day includes: 

  • Delicious healthy snacks and lunch
  • Meditation to evoke a true sense of wholeness
  • Yoga for Regeneration and energy enhancement


Your Host and Teacher

Celeste Shirley,

Owner of The Yoga House


You-know-ya-need-it Yoga / Yoga for the absolute beginner

Monday's October 4-25. 4 Weeks (6:30 -7:30 PM)

Welcome to a class that helps you begin yoga with the support you need to:

  • Learn poses that help your back, hips and shoulders gain flexibility; range of motion,  and thereby strength.
  • Improve posture and alignment of the neck
  • Improve balance and muscular strength

This class is for those who have always wanted to come to a yoga class, yet were certain they would crack!  (…in half.)  Your body will feel how to do the poses in ways that feel enlivening, allowing you to gain a comprehensive sense of what yoga gives your body and mind. 

Yoga is a practical, yet energetic practice that amplifies a deeper sense of energy in your tissue that will improve sleep, physical performance, and emotional/mental clarity.

The small class will provide a supportive experience with lots of hands-on adjustments, and time to develop poses that are adjusted to your needs.

 $125 for 4 weeks. PURCHASE HERE

October 4 – 25.

Yoga mats available