Hi, I'm Celeste,

Teacher, Author, Founder of The Yoga House

A teacher with a vision.

Don’t believe you can exercise consistently or stay with yoga? I know
what you mean. I am a single mother who raised her baby on her own
while building a fitness consulting business and a yoga studio. So, I
know you can...
Rely on yourself to exercise.
You really can.
The reason: yoga and making time to move and 'breathe' your body
develops a resilience that keeps you craving more. Feeling alive is
I help you to stay with a personal plan or get your bum to yoga.
Your bum will thank you.
As will your hips and low back (attached to the bum).

Yoga and exercise are... hard.

When I first started yoga it seemed as if everyone in the
(serene torture chamber called a) yoga studio could be silent,
breathe steadily and went out for carrot juice after class. I wanted
to pummel these Pillsbury dough "people" that were obviously
lacking normal crusty connective tissue. I also suspected their gluten-free
pasta never stuck. They were too happy. I wanted evidence that I
could stick with yoga when it hurt so much and
there was no finish line.
With all the images of lotus flowers, and hands in prayer position, no
one told me how hard practicing yoga can be. I solemnly stayed with it.
As a competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and fitness
instructor I was a dedicated jockette. It was my respect for the body’s
intelligence that helped me move through physical blocks. I sensed they
were related to PTSD, injury and a lifetime of pushing my physical
limits. The result: no more back pain even though I have scoliosis.
As an added bonus: a tenderizing of my Type 'A' personality and
less need for measurable results. Which led to massive results.
Now my body feels like Life is animating my actions and thoughts.
I’d love to show you how.

The need for nature.

Whenever possible I did my yoga in beautiful vistas, just like my exercise. I rolled my mat out on docks, in parks, trails, the beach, and any roadside field on long trips. I wanted to keep practicing outside, but there were often too many ants near my pants.

So, I built a yoga studio with a vista, The Yoga House.

This stunning studio looks over a ravine valley. As you bask in nature your own true nature fills in again.

I specialize In:

  • Personal training in yoga and exercise
  • Exercise rehab
  • Yoga for PTSD specializing in working with sexual violation
  • Small yoga and exercise classes
  • On-line and phone support
  • Specialized workshops
  • Thai Massage
  • Day Retreats

Now I am the Grand Pupa of
The Yoga House, a fabulous