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Trust How You Feel

The first in the series of self-governing seminars by Celeste will be to trust your feelings. Self-trust is the greatest lever for personal change. When you trust how you feel there is an intelligence that supports your actions. Trusting how you feel takes the charge out of feelings and allows you to sense and discover what you need.

The following emotions will be revealed in the podcast:
And the good ones:
Real love,

And joy—there is a substantial difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is pending on circumstances. Joy “is”. Joy sustains and holds throughout all of life’s amendments. The joy is providing.

When you feel joy, you can feel any emotion and sense it’s support. For example, if you are really attracted to and interested in someone, then you ,them and want to get to know them, and they don’t seem open to growing a relationship, you will feel how this is revealing.